We can do so much in a single day. With a variety of new experiences more accessible to us than ever before, our daily lives are becoming increasingly diverse. We can be cosmopolitan and adventurous all in one day, while seeking something entirely new the next.

As we experience more, we also come to expect more. We want things to accommodate our multi-faceted lives, to provide variety, and keep up with us as we segue from one pursuit to another. The more we do, the more we want the things in our lives to do more.

We started ONU because we want our clothing to do more. We want clothing that looks like us, does what we do, and adapts to our lifestyle. Should fashion always be superflous and function always be sporty? We don’t think so. We create everyday apparel with performance wear capabilities. Our garments are designed with an eye for style, a mind for technical enhancements, and the ability to incorporate both seamlessly. In short, our clothes work well and look good.

It sounds like a simple formula, but it could change your perception of what “appropriate clothing” can do. We want our apparel to give you the freedom to do everything. Our hope is that you no longer have to stand in front of your closet and wonder who you will be today. You can wear what makes you confident and weather the elements of everyday life.

Our garments don’t come with big claims. We’re not out to create the ultimate t-shirt or the last pair of shorts you’ll ever need. We’re making clothes that move through life with you, using design and technology that changes with your lifestyle. So work hard, play hard, and push the limits of our clothes. We will innovate alongside you. Work in it, play in it, live in it. ONU.

Text: Ginni Chen, Lauren Passell

Photography: Jimmy Pham, Joshua Pestka